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This brand-new invention from TA Tool is bound to be the newest essential part of every lineman's equipment bin.

If your climate brings you face-to-face with ice, the Ice Buster can save linemen hours of work in just one winter, and it can save your company money at the same time. We've been testing it for four years so we know it's ready to rise to the occasion.

It was designed by a lineman who works in the freezing, snow-bound Midwest who knows firsthand the dangers posed by ice and ice removal. Why waste another second of your valuable time and waste your energy — not to mention risking injury — by removing ice the hard way? Why risk service disruptions and safety hazards any longer? Why let ice take over your lines when you can take control?
With the Ice Buster, you'll get the job done safely and efficiently and get home sooner.

Trust us, there's nothing else like it. Ask your company for the Ice Buster today, or order now!

American innovation, internationally patented.

What is it?

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The Ice Buster was created to remove ice from all sizes of conductor wire up to and including .556ACSR.

It attaches to the fiberglass hot stick you already carry on your truck, and it can be safely used from the ground without having to climb a pole or climb into a bucket.

madeintheusa It's proudly made in the U.S.A. with a protective, beautiful anodized finish. You'll look forward to using it!

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Why Ice Buster?

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Get control over galloping and restore proper sag. Prevent expensive damage now instead of suffering the results later. And it's safe to use on the wire, too.

It's easy to operate:
Just lift it to the line and walk! Thick or thin, the ice shears right off from all kinds of conductor.

Leave the old, exhausting methods in the past.
No more shaking or striking the line! That means you can save your energy for the rest of the day.

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